aonijie ambassadors

The Crew

I have the privilege of being an Aonijie (Ayo-knee-jie! There. now you can say it!!) Ambassador. We met up the week before Ultra Trail Cape Town (UTCT) in Jonkershoek for a bonding session…disguised as a photo shoot!! (Well, that’s my take on it and I’m sticking with it!). Sadly a few of our team were unable to make the trip: Mvuyisi Gcogco, Muzi Skosana, Craig Mitchell, Craig Gornall and Wynand Viljoen. Hopefully next time!

aonijie ambassadors


One of the biggest highlights of the morning (and there were a few) was that I was OUTSIDE on the TRAILS! I am in the latter stages of my recovery and still desperately behaving…(next week I get a green light to actually run a bit after 4 MONTHS of no running!!!!!), so I have been cooped up inside for a LONG time. Jonkershoek is BEAUTIFUL!

Then, another very cool new experience – E bikes!! What??? Electric bikes – YES. They are amazing! As you pedal, they assist you, so you go faster and with less effort. Bring on recovery, fun rides and extra power! This was an extra bonus for the morning.

aonijie ambassadors

Camera and GO!

We met up in the parking lot and shortly afterwards made our way on the E – bikes for about 3 km’s into the mountains. Some of us were a little more confident on the bikes; others preferred their two legs (no names mentioned…). Aonijie brand is relatively new to South Africa. It is great quality, affordable trail equipment particularly for the hydration vests of various sizes. In the new year I will be stocking Aonijie gear in Westville, Durban…get in touch to come and have a look and try on for size.

aonijie ambassadors

Guess who talks the most???

So, Julian Vermeer (check him out at following_shadowct on instagram) took a LOT of videos and some pretty cool pics too. He shared these with the group. I know I talk a lot. However, I think I ONLY heard my voice on pretty much ALL his videos…but it was lots of excitement, laughing, dawn-isms (if that is a word???).

Fellow Aonijie Ambassadors

What a great bunch of peeps! They all have such cool stories to tell. Maruanda Wynne, Emily Yeo, Terblanche Fourie and Julian Vermeer. And do you know why I really, really, really like them….

They did a jumping picture with me!!