That is my hand. With dirt. I tripped and let out an absolute scream of pain…followed by intense sobbing.

Totally broken.

Poor Kim did not know what to do. She comforted me. Walked with me. Fetched the car.

It has been over 4 months since I injured myself. I have been extremely disciplined with my rehab, careful with returning to running. And now this. I’ve hit rock bottom. Not only has my running, my passion, come to a standstill. To add to it, I have major life changes with very frustrating circumstances. And I can’t run. To let it out. I can cry. Which I have done. A lot.

Small steps in the right direction…

I was given the above quote from a friend. What a good reminder. Head up. Get up. Keep going in the right direction. Even if the steps are small, they lead to significance.


And it is ok to cry. I have cried in pain. Cried out of frustration. I’m writing this to encourage you that it is ok not to have a smile on your face all the time and it is absolutely fine to say

I am not ok

I did.

And now, I am taking my small step in the right direction. Come and join me.