Completely detached

Completely Detached

Not the words you want to hear from the Doctor while under ultrasound investigation…

5 MONTHS ago…that is a lot of days by the way…I injured myself in a hockey match. Following 5 months of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, biokineticist, praying, graded return to running…2 weeks ago on a run I kicked my left leg and experienced the most extreme pain in my left gluts area ( Broken, is the blog I wrote and despite what it seemed, my hand is not broken but my body and me emotionally).

It has been too long. After consulting with an amazing physio, Caron Mckenzie, I went for an ultrasound scan.

Here is the result in medically terms…

Completely Detached

Important words to note:

Full – thickness – ie GONE, completely, not there, ripped.

Off – as in OFF , as in no-longer-attached-to-bone-where-it-can-then-function-properly OFF.

Common hamstring origin – the detached tendon…the culprit…the not – working part of my body anymore.

I asked the Doctor if they could repair it.

Well, maybe they can re – attach it.


Otherwise you live with what you have.

I managed to, just about, make it to my car and then burst into tears. My mom phoned and I blubbered into the phone the result of my scan and what it meant. At this stage I do not know if I can get it surgically re – attached or what that means in terms of function afterwards. The recovery time is also an unknown to me. Or will I be left with this constant dull ache in my buttock when I sit and weakness when (attempting) to run?

What now

Orthopaedic appointment has been booked in 6 days time for a consultation. I feel like I am going through the grieving process of loss, not wanting to accept what was on the ultrasound. It was important that I had a good cry. Accept what it is. Now I move forward and see what my options are to improve.

In this time of no – running and frustration my focus has been shifted positively as I have started my own physiotherapy practice, Active Physio. I have also been chosen as an Aonijie Ambassador which I am super excited about.

I have a number of friends who are going through really tough times. Not just injury. Loss of a loved one. Severe emotional and physical trauma. Work and life stresses. This helps me keep perspective. I am healthy. Have an amazing family. Exciting career adventures. It is all relative.

How do you deal with injury and setbacks? I like to deal with the facts and the practicality of the situation. Find out my options. Make decisions. Talk to friends and share my hurt. Even though my tendon is completely detached, I have an amazing support system which is holding me together!