cutting deep

Cutting Deep

I had 5 days to prepare.

Or not.

The surgeon managed to squeeze me in to repair my detached hamstring tendon and I grabbed the opportunity. This is my first surgery. Cutting deep. Hmm. I decided not to “youtube” it or research it too much. I have an understanding of what needs to be done.

The surgeon shared with me the various outcomes depending on what he finds. If the hamstring is too short (VERY likely with me!) then I would need to be in a flexed knee brace to prevent over – stretching for the first 6 weeks or so. He would then anchor the tendon back onto my ischium (bone that you sit on), inject with Platelet – Rich Plasma (PRP) injection, and sew me back up again. After 3 weeks of an injury, it was considered chronic and would have scar tissue…mine has been over 5 months.

What he didn’t say, was that the hamstring is very close to the sciatic nerve…and I’m thankful he didn’t dwell on this fact.

cutting deep


After an hour and a half, the surgery was complete and a success. The first thing that I tested, when I was aware of myself, was that my foot moved up and down.


Which meant the sciatic nerve was intact. Phew. One concern down. I wasn’t prepared for how I felt afterwards. I was extremely emotional. And numb behind my thigh. I cried into my sheets. The nurses asked if I was in pain.


Just emotional

I think that I felt this way partly from the anaesthetic, but also the realisation that i had had the operation. It had been a success. Now I could move forward with the rehabilitation. The surgeon came to speak to me the next morning and explained what he had done. He had inserted THREE Healicoil – suture anchors to anchor the strong common hamstring tendon. When he opened my leg he found a large amount of scar tissue. He had to free my skin nerve as well as the sciatic nerve, then fix the detached tendon back onto the ischium. He did this by roughening up the bone and then after securing the tendon, injected with PRP.

cutting deep

Platelet – Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is when they take your own plasma from your blood, which is the liquid part of your blood, and they inject it into the site that needs healing. The plasma is responsible for the body’s natural healing and it releases growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells the body produces. In otherwords, it aids with healing.

Moving Forward

I’ve accepted my injury. I am so thankful that I was able to have surgery to repair this broken part of my body.

My focus is on other little projects. I have been blessed by so many friends and family messaging and helping me, and I now look forward to taking a day – or even an hour – at a time.