Do what is right

Do what is right…

Two Tales: The First. My Physical Journey

I have passed the 4 month mark post – surgery (proximal hamstring repair – hockey injury!).

I have been to my amazing physio (Caron Mackenzie you ROCK).

I am still under my awesome Biokineticist Justin Bircher, who somehow puts up with me! And I am progressing well.


I need to remember, to do what is RIGHT not what is easy.

What does this mean? Well, I am a physio. I know rehabilitation pretty well. I have rehabilitated a lot of people. So I know everything, right??

Big N-O!

I need accountability. Someone to see from the outside. To guide me. EVEN THOUGH I am very knowledgeable and careful, I want to do this the right way and to ensure not only a good recovery, but to perform even BETTER than before.

do what is right

The journey continues…

So I decided to take part in a race! Wahoo! For a change I could put up a pic on Facebook and Instagram and show off my run on Strava!!! Yes. I have had some serious FOMO while being off. It has been very hard on some days. But, I have kept my eyes on the goal. I enjoyed a very chilled 6km Ronnie Davel. Do yourself a favour, go run this race next year! It is incredible. There is a 16 km option too. Great start to the year.

do what is right

The Second Journey. An Emotional One.

Recently I have had some hard decisions to make. Do I push through? Do I just give up? Do I fight? What is the RIGHT thing to do?

Not, what is the EASIEST path to take…

I chose to push through. Be the underdog. Took on something which I could have easily left alone. But I knew that I had to stand up for myself and believe in my principles.

I don’t think it went well. But I did it. And I have closure no matter what.

Sometimes we can feel alone.

However, what I have found is that friends and family come alongside and support. But no matter what, doing the right thing is the most important.

do what is right

Piggyback Rides

Can I tell you something? One of the hardest parts of my rehabilitation…what do you think it was?

Not running or exercising?

Uncomfortable sitting?

Using crutches for 6 weeks?

None of the above. The hardest part, was not being able to sit on the floor and play with my children. Also, not being able to piggyback my kids to their beds at night or spin them around.

But now, I can give piggybacks again! Follow what is RIGHT. It may be hard. But you will never regret doing the right thing.