fitness is not cancelled

Fitness is NOT cancelled

Lock down Day 1

The Coronavirus has hit the world and we are now at the beginning of our 21 day lock down. How did your first day go? We had a really good day. Glen, my husband, is a Physiotherapist at Albert Luthuli…so he is still working. I am with our two munchkins at home – and loving it! Yes, there will be hard times. Yes, I will want to get out and we will experience cabin fever.


We are SOOOO blessed. We have a large house and garden and I love being creative with the kids and using this time for something different. Also, Fitness is NOT cancelled. I ran my first 4 km route around our garden – even cutting down branches to prevent decapitation (or at the very least, whiplash!!). Loved it. My kids helped me time my 30 second reps for my gym program too. Time well spent.

fitness is not cancelled

Balega Impis lock down workouts

I have the amazing privilege of being on the Balega Impi Global Team. Balega are the best socks ever…I may be a LITTLE biased…hehe. In South Africa there are 25 Balega Impis and the added beauty of this team, is that we are on whatsapp contact and throw cool ideas around. So, I wanted to share a trio of ideas from three of our really great Impis.

fitness is not cancelled

Introducing: Sharon Jessop aka Iron Angels

Sharon runs Iron Angels – an intimate fitness training for ladies only in Port Elizabeth. Her aim is to cater for the busy women who need a fitness, weight loss and health solution that really works…and to laugh along the way!

Sharon is running FREE online Facebook LIVE classes for EVERYONE!! This includes guys, girls, kids….They start on Monday, 30 March and run through to Thursday, 16 April – every weekday from 9 am until 9.45 am. Check out her Facebook page here – IronAngelsZA – for more information. She is also on Instagram on IronAngelsZA.

Give it a go. It is free. She is amazing. It will be motivational!

fitness is not cancelled

Introducing: Fundamentally Kim

Kim Green, aka Fundamentally Kim, is another amazing human being! Kim will be posting 21 daily work out plans along with an added challenge. You can find these on her instagram here – fundamentallykim.

I did her work out today with my kids timing my 30 second intervals. It included squat pulses, bear crawl reaches, front lunges, heel touches and some additional challenges. Kim shows a video of each exercise and suggests for how long and adds in some cardio too. She also writes a blog which includes a variety of topics with healthy eating, fitness and wellness as well as some really amazing happy leggings. Check out her website here –

Additionally Kim has her Facebook page, FundamentallyKim, which she shares her passion with health and fitness both physically and mentally.

fitness is not cancelled

Introducing: Ash Iovino aka FitMom

Ash is an incredible mother of 3, motivator and, in her words,

“surviving motherhood one workout at a time”.

Ash has created a SWEAT2GIVE workout program. The main aim for this program is to GIVE BACK. She has this campaign for raising funds for charity and fitness to support a non profit organisation (NPO) called Little Brinks. This charity aims to help babies and children in need. For further information on this charity, visit their website at littlebrinksnpo. Ash asks for a R200, or more, donation and she will email you the SWEAT2GIVE workout program. Additionally, you will be included on a whatsapp support group to inspire, guide and encourage each other. You can find out more information on her Facebook page – FitMomSA – and her Instagram account – AshFitMom.

More Inspiration

There is no excuse. Try one of these (or alternate between all 3!) exercise programs. You will not be disappointed. Be inspired. Try something different.

For a few more blogs, you can check out my other Physiotrailrunner Inspirations or just go to my main page on Physiotrailrunner and have a look around. There are posts on a variety of topics: trail runs, trail tales and physio rehabilitation and more. ENJOY!