Greyling Trail Top Tips

Landie and Christiaan Greyling are a well – known South African, and International, elite trail running couple. As a result, they love to share their knowledge and help other trail runners reach their goals through their coaching, AlpasFit. I attended their Durban Trail Clinic at the end of July and learnt some great Top Tips for trail training and running.

I wanted to share these with you!

Greyling goal setting

Training and Goal Setting Advice

Set SMART goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Obtainable
  • Realistic
  • Time – based

top tips for trail

Pre – Running Exercises

The Greyling’s recommend basic, but thorough, pre – running exercises. These include: runner’s lunge, dynamic squats, high knee toe up, hip openers – lunge up on step with rotation of upper back, open gate. Majority of these exercises are to open up the hip area and improve mobility.

Post – Running Stretches

Post – running is just as important to ensure an effective cool down and maximise recovery.

  • Dynamic calf stretch (on hands and feet)
  • Hip flexion stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Gluts stretch

Strength Training and Recovery

Core and strength are vital to maintain a good running position for a prolonged period .So, Runstrong is used as their basis for strength training. Recovery is equally important. Sleep, regular massages, stretching, foam rolling and good diet are a few of the key areas to focus on for optimal recovery.

Alpasfit Greylings


Trail Techniques

While running downhill, think ROCKS:

  • Read the trail – look 2/3 metres ahead
  • Use trail Obstacles to your advantage
  • Commit to a line
  • Keep your arms low for balance
  • Small, quick steps and lean forwards

Running uphill:

  • Heart rate – don’t attack the hill, keep steady
  • Eat before the hill, not on the climb.
  • High cadence (step rate)
  • Shorter stride length
  • Gluts – lean forward from  your hips, squeeze gluts. Use calves, ankles and gluts when climbing
Top tips in trail

I hope that these top tips for trail from the Greyling’s has been helpful. What top tips would you suggest? Check out my tips on plantar fasciitis prevention and treatment. Let me know what you think.