Sani Stagger Trail

Inaugural Sani Stagger Trail

I had heard a little about the Sani Stagger Marathon. And that it was hard.

21.1 km up. 21.1 km down a district dirt road.

Now I was lined up for the Inaugural Sani Stagger 38 km Trail run and I had no idea what I was in for. You see, normally when I am deciding on entering a trail race I look at the previous year’s results and then have a much better idea of times and what I may expect. I am a bit of a planner.

But this. No prep.

So a  group of us decided to make a weekend of it (especially being the first one!) and entered either the 21 km or the 38 km Sani Stagger Trail.

The morning was crisp and stunningly beautiful. Debated briefly about wearing sleeves…but within 10 minutes, the sun came out and it became a sweltering day. Mid to late 30’s with no cover. Hydration was going to be key in this race.

Sani Stagger Trail

My Experience

I have not run in the mountains. I found this race hard. It was hot. There were big up’s.  And did I mention it was hot? I drank 5 and a half litres of water and rehydrate in this race. It took me just over 5 and a half hours to complete and I managed to place second lady and I think 10th overall.

But the beauty

The quiet

I ran by myself for the whole race and just immersed myself in the beauty. There are lovely gentle flats and down’s as well as the big up’s. And there are some technical parts on the course but mostly it is a well marked course with a really good path the whole way around. The heat was a big factor for this particular day but I kept hydrated and walked when I needed to, and thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was hard. And it was well worth it!! The climbs gave spectacular panoramic mountain views.

Sani Stagger Trail

But wow. What a glorious, amazing, burning, thrilling, dig deep, stunningly beautiful run it was! I would highly recommend giving Sani Stagger Trail a go!

What trail run has been your favourite and why? Leave comments below and share your story! Check out my other blog on 3 Falls Trail run held locally in Krantzkloof Gorge.

Sani Stagger Trail