Hidden beauty on our doorstep in the upper Dargle area in the Midlands is the Inhlosane Mountain which overlooks the Mount Park Guest Farm.

I had the privilege of being a guest at an amazing wedding over the weekend. My friend, Kim Drummond, is one of my crazies for trail running. This was a perfect setting for her wedding.

I managed to sneak away on the Saturday morning, gorgeous blue skies and crisp air, with a new trail buddy, Grace Drummond. Already we were sitting at a nice altitude in Dargle around 1400 m or so and the peak of the Inhlosane Mountain is 1977 m.

We decided to take the steeper ascent following the Logging trail which links with the Summit Path and then on to the Summit. I practised my lean – forward – hands – on – knees – hiking for part of the ascent.

What a view.

In the distance, the Drakensberg Mountain range can be seen as well as many little dams and rolling hills. The path is well maintained and a steep moderately short climb rewards you with the Summit. On our way down I realised that Grace is no stranger to downhill as I clambered after her to keep up! The Contour Path was our descending route which was a fairly moderate technical trail down. We then chose to go towards the Leopard Falls. Here the path splits and we managed to take the path – less – travelled but we made it through. This was a rocky and slightly overgrown area but after a few minutes it opened up on to our final speedy path leading back to the Mount Park Guest Farm. Overall, it was just short of 7 km with a 445 m gain. Our moving time was just over an hour.

Below is the very detailed map which is supplied by Mount Park Guest Farm and it depicts the various routes which one can travel to reach the Summit or just to meander around the foot of the mountain is an alternative option. There are also lovely graded dirt roads surrounding the area which could lead into a longer overall training run.

The Mount Park Guest Farm is a lovely family – feeling place to stay. There is a variety of accommodation from houses to camping and everything in between. Below are some snaps of this beautiful location.

I hope that you have enjoyed my short tale of this beautiful little gem of a trail. Share this experience with others and tell me about your favourite trail weekend away below. Watch this space for the next trail adventure