make opportunities

It’s not fair! Or is it?

Take Make Opportunities

Often we can look around at other “successful” (insert caption here) people and think it’s not fair. Why are they so successful/ happy/ wealthy etc? Firstly, don’t compare your life to other’s. It is not healthy. Challenge yourself and rise up to your own ambitions and dreams. Secondly, things don’t often just happen. They need to be MADE or created…and then…TAKEN!

I speak from experience.

I want to share some of the opportunities which I have made. And I feel, that this is only the beginning.

Torn hamstring, couldn’t run…for a long time. Had an operation. Rehabilitating myself. So, there are a few options. Mope. Get annoyed. Stamp my feet…or use this time of not running to try something new – and so, Physiotrailrunner was born! I literally did not know what Instagram was before this time and my Facebook was just something I stored photographs on. Now, a whole new world opened to me.

make opportunities

What Next?

Well, I started to use social media as a platform to share my knowledge and as a therapy for myself. Shortly afterwards, an amazing trail brand, Aonijie (said Ayo – knee – jee), were looking for ambassadors…so I thought that I’d apply. I finally had an active instagram and facebook…and a quirky sense of humour! I applied and out of over 600 applicants, was selected as one of the 10 ambassadors! I now stock this amazing gear too.

make opportunities

But that’s not all.

In November, the most exciting brand of running socks, Balega, asked for Impi applications. Impi means warrior in Zulu as they want their ambassadors to be warriors and show the BalegaLove to the world…The socks are made in South Africa and are also International with a massive American brand. This is a company which gives back and has a quality product.

The Blister Resist sock is just one of the many quality pairs. Blister Resist socks combine Mohair and Drynamix for the perfect blend between nature and technology, keeping feet cool and dry. Drynamix wicks moisture away from the skin, while mohair has the ability to hold moisture and still keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can check out more about Balega HERE. Again, I was blessed out of my socks (drum roll!!!! hehe), and was selected as one of 25 South African Balega Impis. There are over a 100 International Balega Impi’s too!

make opportunities

And Finally…for now…

Wait for it…Within a 36 hour period I was asked – and left – to go to Miami, Florida, for 10 days for an opportunity…and I grabbed it! In order for me to go, however, I had to check on passport, visas and family…there were a LOT of things that needed to line up for it to happen. I literally had a few hours to sort all the logistics out, otherwise I couldn’t go. Firstly, Glen (amazing husband of mine!) was fully supportive. Secondly, after much research, I could get an ESTA waiver visa for my British Passport and did not need 6 months on it (It expires in April)! Thirdly, I have very understanding patients and friends who, when I had to cancel 10 days of my life, totally understood the opportunity that I had to go. I could have said “no”. It would have been easier. But this experience has been incredible and may open some future opportunities.

make opportunities

Opportunities…so what does this mean?

Like life, we can also take opportunities in our running. Do those exercises, try to go faster than you think you can go, enter that race that – at the time – seems impossible.

Why not?

You will never know until you try. Make things happen…then run with it!

What experiences created opportunity in your life?