Riverside Trail Runners

Poker? On a Trail Run? How does that work?

So. Much. Fun! Love doing different.

Buzz organised an “Ali Poker Run” on the 13th July at the Virginia Bush Trails. We gathered in the early hours with headlamps and were handed our first playing card in a packet. After that, we set out in the Virginia Bush Trails and during our run collected 3 more playing cards along the route. Once we finished we were given our final card, complimentary mug, coffee and goodies!! Spoilt rotten. The best Poker hand won a prize.

virginia bush trail

Meet Buzz

Buzz comes from a road running background. On one of his morning runs with the Regents group, an entry was made available for the 52 km Rhodes Marathon Trail Run. “Why not?”, Buzz thought, as he had completed a number of Comrades Ultra Marathon’s already. A baptism of trail running at Rhodes ensued (freezing temperatures, altitude and very steep climbs) and a love for trail running bloomed. Buzz then competed in a Cape Town trail race to cover 200 km in 5 days. He loved it. Subsequently in 2009/ 2010 Buzz decided that his love for trail would grow through the birth of the Riverside Trail Group, Durban North, Virginia Bush.

Buzz- founder of Riverside Trail

Riverside Trail Runs

Riverside Trail have an active Facebook site if you would like to join them on their weekly runs. Firstly, they run every Wednesday meeting at Seattle Coffee at Virginia Circle, Durban North, at 5:15 am. They have 3 running groups: Fast, medium and a walking group. Secondly, they run Thursday mornings – aptly named LLB – Leg and Lung Buster! – at Virginia Bush with emphasis on quality trail running. Lastly, they meet on a Saturday morning and run a variety of routes. If you would like to join in on these trails contact Buzz, 084 300 8923, or join in their Riverside Trail Facebook page.

Lastly, if you would like to learn about other trail runs in the area, take a look at 3 Falls Trail Run, Krantzkloof Gorge, Trail Snakes Adventuring, or Westville Eco Trails. Which local trails do you run and why do you love them?