Scars Heal

Scar Healing Process

Different Results

I went for my 6 week check up with my orthopaedic surgeon. One of his comments was how nicely my scar had healed.


Next, he mentioned how I can now do my scar massage to improve the mobility, decrease any tightness and prevent a keloid scar forming (those big tough pokey out type scars that are tight).

I’ve been doing my scar massage since the wound was healed in my second week.

Which is why…my scar was healing so nicely!


What I’m trying to get at, is that we all have scars. Physical scars from injuries, emotional ones from life…but we have the choice of how to manage and deal with these scars. Surround yourself with people who can help you on the journey of healing. 2019, for a lot of people, has been pretty hectically rougher than most years.

But here is my message of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT

scars heal

Fearless Motivator

Trail Magazine

I love my Trail Magazine and look forward to when it comes out every quarter. Apart from amazing pics, great advice for trail running and new routes and races to try, there is a lot of encouragement found on their pages. Additionally, in the current issue there is an article from Trish Eksteen. I want to share her words because they spoke to me. The last point she makes is to:

“Be a fearless motivator”

A Challenge

What a great use of words! Yes. No matter what life is about, it will form us. We have the choice of HOW it forms us and affects us and we can use these experiences to “fearlessly motivate” others!

This is my challenge for 2020 and I want to challenge you with it too.

scars heal

More motivation

Trail Tales

Check out some great stories and encouragement through the Trail Tales. There is the story of Buzz and his fun non – running activities, Mmeli who jointly started the Inanda Trail Running Club and Justin who is fresh into the trails.

Just remember: Scars Heal.