Did someone say cake? Excellent timing on my part. It was my first Shongweni Park run and their 6th birthday – lots of celebrations were done, with cake at the finish.

This was my “tester” with my legs. I disciplined myself to the middle to back of the pack…which is hard for me. This meant a slower pace which is just what I needed to see if I could still run.

We were met with stunning blue skies and chatter of fellow Shongweni park run/ walkers. This is a beautiful trail starting from the horse paddocks of Durban Shongweni Club and following some flowing single track around the field. This is a two lap course of 2.5 kms each which makes it a total of 5 kms. A perfect, gentle introduction in to t

I received such a lovely welcome, especially as a first – timer (and second EVER parkrun…I know!) The marshals were well – organised and cheerful along the route. There is also coffee afterwards at the Saddle Inn to socialise and catch up.he world of trail running if you are looking for a taster.

What you need for a parkrun:

  • Barcode for timing – check out website on how to register, its FREE
  • Run/ Walk gear
  • A friendly “thank – you” for the volunteers
  • To arrive in time for the 8 am start

This will definitely be the first of many. I encourage you to try Shongweni Park run – and it’s not just for runners; it is a beautiful morning walk too, so no excuses!

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Which Parkrun is your favourite? Let me know so that I can try it out!