Trail snakes

Trail Snakes.


And lots of jumping photography!!!

Grant Cummings began Trail Snakes a few years ago realising that there are hidden trails  in the heart of Hillcrest. We meet regularly every Sunday morning either at Winston Park Garage in Hillcrest or Shongweni Polo Pony. In summer, Wednesday mornings we hit the trails as the lighter, warmer mornings make this possible.

Trail Snakes

David, Grant and Me

One of the amazing traits with Trail Snakes is that every week is different. It is a dynamic group with new members joining in all the time. We have between 2 to 20 people running and Grant always keeps us on our toes with new routes – including some river or swamp crossings at times (a little exaggeration…maybe).

You are guaranteed on a Trail Snakes run to:

  • Experience beautiful trails
  • Meet fun fellow trail runners
  • Lots of cool photos…some of which may involve (optional) jumping

Grant’s ethos is to have fun on the trails. Look around, not at the pace on the watch.

Meet new people.


Above all, have it as a time to relax and just run on the trails.

Trail Snakes

If you would like to join us on a trail run, get hold of Grant on 082 3884113. The group runs between 8 and 12 km’s and the slowest runner dictates the pace. Check out the Westville Eco Trails Blog too for more regular trail runs.

Trail Snakes

I like jumping trail photographs. What is your favourite creative trail photograph? Comment below to share with us.