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Intro to Dawn Nunes


In July 2019 Physiotrailrunner was born. This is a place where I have fun sharing my experiences with my trail running and also my expertise with physiotherapy. Soon afterwards, however, my body decided that it had had enough…and I was injured in hockey. Here is the trail tale of ME, Dawn Nunes.


How did you start trail running?

In 2017 and 2018 I completed my back to back Comrades Ultra Marathon. I was a little tired of road running. Also, frustrated with not getting my times that I felt I was training for.

I needed a change.

To stop looking at my pace. Just ENJOY my running again.

So I took to the trails! And have not looked back! I still enjoy my road running but I find that in the trails, I enjoy it that much more.

trail tales physiotrailrunner

What is your favourite trail run?

The Three Cranes Stage race by KZNTR and the inaugural Sani Stagger Trail have been my favourite so far. They have pushed me mentally and physically and the beauty is just beyond compare! Do yourself a favour, run them both!

Favourite snack during trail runs

I like to use rehydrate from USN as my electrolyte drink. Farbars and fastbars are a favourite and then really basic potatoes and energade jelly sweets. Variety works for me and little and often.

Favourite Quote

This is one of my tattoos and I try to live by this and help other’s too by making the most of life.

trail tales physiotrailrunner

What animal best describes you?

Technically, not a real animal. But a good description.


Tell us a bit about yourself outside of running

Mom of two very amazing and fun-loving (and talkative – wonder where they get that from???) kids! Awesome husband. Recently opened my own physio practice in Westville and loving the freedom it has given me especially for my family. Love being creative and spending time with friends and family.

Coffee times are a must! Good coffee.

I tend to do things at lightning speed and 110 percent! Always up for a new adventure – have done zip-lining, the bunji jump at Moses Mabhida and bridge swinging as well as white water rafting and lots of traveling.

trail tales physiotrailrunner

Most memorable time on the trail

Pitch black run with my trail buddy Kim Drummond in Krantzkkloof. Whizzing along at a ridiculous speed with head lamps. Then watching the sunrise together and grabbing an awesome self – timed pic (after a few dozen jumps!).

trail tales physiotrailrunner