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Shaun Reid – Fighting 100

Meeting Shaun

I met Shaun while he was filming his Fighting 100 (take a look – SO good) and I was included in one of his weekly films as his physio doing a run assessment on him. I admire this guy. He grabs on to a project and just flies with it. At the moment it is “chasing Bill”, as in Bill Rowan for Comrades (which is finishing in under 9 hours). Let’s take a peak into Shaun’s life!

How did you start trail running?

I started trail running by having a crazy moment in my life. I was a 400 m runner in high school but soon after I was finished I got into a life of “pie and coke” while traveling and repping.

My first child, Olivia, was sleeping one night ( she was about 4 at the time) and i was watching her. My weight was 100 + kgs and I was 32 years old. I had a moment where I heard an inner voice saying if I continued on this path I would not walk Olivia down the isle for her wedding in the future. The next day I started and soon found myself in with the Giba Gables where Alistair Bond helped me dream big and believe in myself.

shaun trail tales

What is your favourite trail running race?

I have always loved KZNTR The Three Cranes Race. It has everything I love about trail in it. A close second and a bit of an obsession of mine is the Karkloof 100 miler.

Favourite snack/ fuel during trail runs?

Believe it or not it is Gu gels. It has always worked for me. I’m trying out Tailwind at the moment but have not put it through its paces yet.

shaun trail tales

What animal would best describe you and why?


I come from a surfing and fishing background. Often when I am in the mountains I am day – dreaming of spearfishing. Dolphins surf waves and catch fish.

Favourite Quote

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of trail running.

I started as an insurance broker but soon got into digital marketing which became my thing. I have three children – Olivia (12), Hudson (9) and Sophie (5). I have been married for 15 years to my high school sweetheart, Lindsay.

I have a real passion for video, creativity and the arts. I’m currently working as a pastor in a  church in Glenwood and believe it or not, I also lead a band.

I also own and run Trailshed alongside Andrew Booth which we started 3 years ago.

shaun trail tales

What is your most memorable time on the trail?

Problem with training for a 100 mile race with three children is finding the time to run without stealing time from kids. Some of my best moments were running through Giba from 8pm – 1am to get a long run in (not an easy one to get the friends to join – NOTE from editor I ran one of those!!! So much fun!!).

Many times I ran into animals but the best was a hunter with 7 dogs…let’s just say I needed a toilet break quickly…


It has been so awesome getting to know Shaun, being part of a midnight run and assessing him on his running technique. I admire how he is so innovative and enjoy his creativity and willingness to help. Recently I needed help (and still do!!) on editing and video stuff, and Shaun was quick to give a helping hand and share his knowledge.

Trail running is not only about the running.

Or the beauty – which is vast and incredible.

It is also about the people. Get to know someone new. It is amazing how much we learn from one another.

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