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Trail Tales: Grant Cummings

Intro to Grant Grant is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate trail runners that I know. The main reason is that his drive is to help others experience the local trails, no matter what their speed or ability. It is all about camaraderie, experiences and FUN!! How did you [...]

Trail Tales: Olga Thangavay

Intro to Olga Our Trail Tales focuses on Olga. It is amazing how - even through social media - one can get a "feel" for a person. Looking at Olga's pics: smiling, ,joyful, laughter and fun comes to mind. Let's take a look at this amazing trail runner - a [...]

Trail Tales: Buzz Bolton

Buzz Bolton Riverside Trail Runners Our Trail Tales Buzz is the founder of Riverside Trail Running group in Durban North. To find out more about this amazing group, or to join them for a run, get in touch on their Riverside Trail Facebook page. Also, take a look at the [...]

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Dawn Nunes

Trail running is a passion of mine that I want to share with others. I am blessed with an amazing husband and two gorgeous kids which keep me on my toes. As a Physiotherapist, I want to share my knowledge of how our bodies work and have this space to discuss everything trail!