Sunrise in the gorge with jumping kim and dawn

Meet Kim and Dawn.

This is a tale of our trail journey towards Ultra Trail Cape Town (UTCT) at the end of November. Our training. Cross Training. Injuries. Nutrition. Aches and Pains. Everything. The raw deal.

So far, it has not been a great start. For me at least. I am still struggling with my injury and have decided to take 2 weeks off running – to rest and rehab it fully. However, Kim is on the right track with her training. She is getting back into fitness after her Comrades (an 87 km ultra marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa).

Join us as we laugh, cry, video blog (eeek) and just have some good old running fun together. Check out the Ultra Trail Cape Town Blog page for more information.

Are you running UTCT? If so what distances are you doing? How is your training going? Let us know!

Kim and Dawn with cookies