The Eco Trails are a paradise in the middle of Westville which has been developed since August 2015 and maintained by the Westville Country Club. It is a popular running, walking and mountain bike area open to all.

I was introduced to these trails in 2017 as I was desperate for a change of scenery after my first Comrades.

It was winter.

And dark.

So it was my initiation to trail running in the dark with a headlamp. Absolutely awesome. And so are the people.

Thursday mornings we regularly meet for our weekly gander through the Westville Eco Trails. We have introduced regular coffee mornings post – run, which have been a great social time. We meet between 4:45 and 5 am every week at the Bowling green in Westville. We run between 7 and 9 kms, have a variety of paces and aim to finish by 5:45/6 am. The trails are well maintained and range from easy to moderately technical. There are some nice climbs to train on and with all the loops one can easily run 7 – 10 kms.

We would love you to join this mid – week trail run. Get hold of Kylie Griffin on 0825630574 for more information.

Westville Parkrun is held at the Westville Eco Trails. It is a 5 km course, 2 loops of 2.5 kms, meeting at Westville Country Club every Saturday at 8 am. The course is run on a mixture of trail paths, grass and sand running through beautiful forest trails with some technical sections. There is parking and a coffee shop open at the start/ finish area.

If you would like further information or to assist in helping with the Eco Trails and joining the Westville Country Club, contact Lisa Nourse,

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Lastly, what is your favourite mid – week trail run? Write in the comments below.

Until next trail. Ciao.