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Intro to Olga

Our Trail Tales focuses on Olga. It is amazing how – even through social media – one can get a “feel” for a person. Looking at Olga’s pics: smiling, ,joyful, laughter and fun comes to mind. Let’s take a look at this amazing trail runner – a definite inspiration!

How did you start trail running?

I was never an athlete or ever big on fitness and i grew up in a culture where sport or exercise in
general was never really promoted. Gavin, my partner, on the other hand, took part in every code
of sport. He one day, suggested that we go along to the Hilton Trail run. I struggled so much (in
the 7km flat trail) but I had a determination that I wanted to improve. So i kept at it. And the rest
is history.

What is your favourite trail race?

I am going to have to say Karkloof 50/100 miler (KK) and not necessarily because I completed it. The
year before, 2018, I assisted at three of the aid stations, and seconded a friend on the last 10
miles of his 100 miler. I had about three hours sleep from Friday morning to Sunday, because I
was THAT caught up in the energy of the event. I remember clearly, that event being a distinct
mind shift in my self belief. Before being at that event, I looked up to those runners, thinking
that they were all achieving something super human.

I used to believe that you’d need lifelong fitness to do something like that! I always thought, that it is not your average runners who go out
and conquer those kind of runs. But I walked away from 2018 KK, with a total shift in mindset,
committing and saying, that next year, I would be on that start line, and i kept true to my word.
I loved this run, because it is a beautiful trail run, where you can appreciate the surroundings.
I loved the camaraderie on race day. I also love that it’s a type of run, where, completing it is

trail tales olga

What is your favourite snack/ fuel during a trail?

I like to keep things simple on my runs, and it has worked for me thus far.
I use Tailwind (not the caffeine one ) for all my runs, as my main source of nutrition.
For longer runs, I find boiled potatoes and salt, easy to digest. I also make a homemade peanut
butter and date snack, that gives me added energy on the longer runs.

Favourite Quote

trail tales olga

Tell us something about yourself outside of trail running

Hmm… the boring facts are that I am 42 years old, and as I said before, have not been a very
energetic fit person growing up. I work as a bookkeeper, because it pays the bills, but it wouldn’t
be my most ideal job.
I love laughing! A LOT!

I value my friends and family. I love celebrating life and all that it
has to offer. I am a very real person, I hate pretending, you would know if I am happy, or upset,
or hungry or celebrating, because I never put on a false front. All in all, i am a very simple person
who likes the simple things in life.

What is your most memorable time on a trail?

I have had a couple of wobblies on the trail as well… I had entered the middle distance of the
valley view run, and got lost along the way, and ended up doing the long distance. And this was
when I first started the trails, and decided to move to the middle distance after always doing the
shortest distance of the runs

But wait, there’s more…

I feel privileged sharing these Trail Tale stories with you.

Why do I write them?

To be able to take a sneak peak into trail runner’s lives and share their stories, inspirations, advice and recommendations to our amazing trails in our beautiful country.

Be inspired as you run into the new year. Then, inspire others.

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